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“People create and continually re-create themselves in contact with others; 
indeed, this self is ultimately a process” (Alvesson & Skoldberg)

D-AEP.org develops cultural projects for museums/galleries, schools, community centres, and other cultural organisations. It also works as a network, a place for sharing information, experiences, ideas from people around the world working with reflexive, critical and inter-cultural methodologies.

Organisation Structure / Keywords:

– network
– collaborative
– mobile/net specific

Video Projects / Documentaries

“In view of the experience that we have of another object, both things change – our knowledge and its object.” (Gadamer 1984) “what can be called an experience constitutes itself in memory.” (Gadamer 1984)

D-AEP.org’s founder Betty Martins is committed to researching subjects related to cultural memory. More specifically, to a reflexive analyses of the structures of collective memory. The projects are developed under a collaborative structure between community groups and cultural institutions.

Arts Education Projects

“Through the arts we learn to see what we had not noticed, to feel what we had not felt, and to employ forms of thinking that are indigenous to the arts. These experiences are consequential, for through them we engage in a process through which the self is re-made.” Elliot W. Eisner 

D-AEP.org delivers innovative art educational projects. Our aim is to work towards creating an aesthetic experience: developing projects focusing in contemporary social concerns, motivating the students to reflect upon their responsibilities within it. The projects are developed and applied by artists with experience and knowledge in education, therefore the projects are built under a strong educational structure.



Betty Martins


Betty Martins is a Brazilian researcher, writer, cultural producer and documentary director who lived in the UK for 10 years.

While in Brazil, she concluded a BA in Visual Arts obtaining a license to teach, she produced and managed art education projects for groups at risk of social exclusion in NGOs in São Paulo. She then moved to the state of Minas Gerais to study Philosophy while working as an art teacher for the State Schools.

In the UK, she obtained a Diploma in Arts Management and a Masters in Cultural and Media Studies, while researching and developing projects through reflexive practices about topics related to cultural memory. She then developed several cultural projects adopting those practices when she initiated the organisation D-AEP.org. She directed and produced three documentaries, the first commissioned by the British Museum “Remembering and Forgetting Mexico”, and the second by the Wellcome Trust “When the souls arrive” (which has been screened in festivals internationally). Her third documentary “I wasn’t always dressed like this” has been screened all over the world and distributed and acquired by major cultural and educational institutions. Of such importance, it was featured in articles from BBC, the National, between other media vehicles, it was also broadcasted in national television in the UK.

She is at the moment working on her forth documentary and other cultural projects in Brazil.




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