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“My body is not your battleground

My hair is neither sacred or cheap,

neither the cause of your disarray nor the path to your liberation

My hair will not bring progress and clean water

if it flies unbraided in the breeze

It will not save us from our attackers

if it is wrapped and shielded from the sun”   ____________________________________

Mohja Kahf



Dr Eylem Atakav speaks to BBC Norfolk about the documentary in relation to the recent debate about the veil. READ here

FIRST SCREENING IN THE UK - Our short documentary “I wasn’t always dressed like this” will be screened in the UK during October. Please READ the PR developed by the press department at University of East Anglia. 

Betty Martins presented a paper about the methodology of the documentary at the international Symposium Mediating Religions – Representations of Religions in the Media: Multidisciplinary Approaches, in Liverpool, on the 30th of June.

Review of the doc published by major cultural Brazilian magazine Revista da Cultura (In portuguese).

Click here for a review of the documentary by an influential Muslim Feminist.

Paper about the documentary presented at the International Conference “Ethnicity, Race and Nationalism in European Media and Film: Rights, Responsibilities, Representations”  in May 2013 at the University of Manchester.

Check review written by Chilean journalist and researcher Nasreen Amina

Check this pre-review fro the artist Michael Szpakowski Trailer do documentário disponível em português, en Español: “Nem sempre me vesti assim” “No siempre me vestí asi” PIC1PIC3Muna1  

“At the beginning of the twenty first century, the topic of Islam, fundamentalism, terrorism, extremism and women’s position in Islam in on many people’s minds, from the local bus driver to the specialist scholar. The discourse in the popular mind is one of the backwardness, violence and barbarity of Islam, Arabs and Muslims. The oppression of women is a given. This makes challenging the popular Western stereotype that the veil is a symbol of Muslim women’s oppression an uphill battle…” (Bullock, Katherine)

The veil is an object that tends to instigate profound and diverse feelings. Its practice and meaning have been greatly abused throughout history. Within the context of the West the question one might ask: “In a free country, why are women choosing to veil?”

In a very intimate and meditative mode, three Muslim women reflect around issues of cultural memory, identity, self-censorship, feminism, politics and media. By appreciating the personal and experiential quality of veiling, this documentary is able to articulate critically and reflexively while challenging its popular perception.

Produced and Directed by: Betty Martins

Edited by: Elle Sillanpaa

Music By: Noura Sanatian

DOP: Maria Anastassiou

Camera: Lorena Cervera Ferrer

Camera 2: Caroline Iandoli

Production Assistant: Marcela Bianchi

Academic Consultants: Dr Eylem Atakav Dr Barni Nor

Collaborator: Afroze Zaidi-Jivraj

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