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Exhibition by Karine Garcêz

The exhibition Infância Refugiada / Refugee Childhood – Palestinians in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria is a solo exhibition by Brazilian photographer Karine Garcêz, which captures the expressions of Palestinian children and adolescents who live in refugee camps distributed in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. The pictures were taken in 2014, during the humanitarian trip Karine Garcêz took integrating the mission from the Dutch NGO Al Wafaa Campaign. The name of the NGO means “Fulfilling the Campaign” and it dedicates exclusively to the Palestinian cause.

The exhibition’s goal is to register childhood in refugee camps and raise awareness about the responsibility the international community has towards the harsh reality of war and absence of basic social rights, condition which these children are under. Infância Refugiada / Refugee Childhood will tour initially through Brasília, Fortaleza, São Paulo,Rio de Janeiro and Curitiba, in Brazil, and Rotterdam, in Netherlands.
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