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Screening in Norwich – 2nd of October!

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If you are in Norwich come and join us for the screening of “I wasn’t always dressed like this” with Q&As with director and producer Betty Martins and Dr Eylem Atakav. 2nd of October!!

The film, I Wasn’t Always Dressed Like This, focuses on three Muslim women from different backgrounds living in the UK and the act of wearing the Islamic veil. They were asked to share their personal experiences and what it means for them to be a veiled women.

It comes amid continued national and international debate about veiling, which for many people is seen a symbol of fundamentalist Islam, oppression and divisiveness. Home Office minister Jeremy Browne has called for a national debate on whether wearing full face-veils in public places should be banned, while a judge in London ruled that a Muslim woman wearing a niqab must remove her veil if she gives evidence at her trial. Birmingham Metropolitan College recently dropped a ban on pupils wearing full-face veils.

In 2011 Belgium and France became the first European countries to ban the wearing of full face coverings, including the niqab and burka, in public. The move sparked protests and in July riots in a Paris suburb were triggered by police carrying out identity checks on a Muslim woman wearing a niqab. The hijab headscarf was banned in French schools in 2004 and there have been calls to extend this to universities.






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