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Documentary was exhibited (Q&As afterwards with Betty Martins) in the Museum of Sacred Art in Sao Paulo, Brazil.


Our documentary featured at Turkish newspaper ZAMAN

We have been receiving a lot of press from Turkey recently. This a new article with an interview with director and producer Betty Martins featured at ZAMAN.

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Betty Martins recent interview to LABKULTUR

“I think integration stands for people engaging in everyday life, it is certainly not about unifying communities. We don’t want homogenous groups, we want people standing with their own individualities and being respected for that. That individual respect is the basis for truth integration. That is what democracy is about anyway. You have to be careful with that “unity” idea quite often misunderstood and quite often used to justify certain political decisions and public debates that have in truth nationalist ends.”

Betty Martins was recently interviewed by German cultural magazine LABKULTUR (journalist Boris Alexander Knop) about the production and distribution phase of the documentary “I wasn’t always dressed like this” while discussing issues around cultural identity affairs, the idea of integration and implemented social policies in Europe.

Read interview part 1

Read interview part 2


At CCBB (São Paulo,Brazil) exhibition, organised by ICArabe.

Photograph by André Albregard

Exibição em São Paulo hoje! E amanhã também!

Nosso doc “Nem sempre me vesti assim” está na Mostra Mundo Arabe de Cinema. Hoje, dia 22 de Agosto, as 20:00 no Memorial da America Latina, estaremos exibindo o doc com a presença da Betty Martins para uma conversa depois. Outros dois excelentes filmes serão exibidos, e a conversa será coletiva com seus respectivos diretores. Imperdível! Confiram toda a mostra, que está excelente.


E amanhã, exibição exclusiva na Bienal do Livro SP do documentário as 15:00, seguida de debate sobre a temática com a presença do Sheikh Taleb Hussein al-Khazraji, da antropóloga Profª Drª Francirosy Ferreira e da documentarista e pesquisadora Betty Martins.

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O doc “Nem sempre me vesti assim” participará da Mostra Mundo Árabe. A mostra está imperdível! Confira a lista de filmes!